Roberta Wax

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Thanks for visiting my Website. I am a former news reporter who now writes for a variety of publications. My articles have ranged from health and parenting to business and television, with a healthy dose of craft writing and designing thrown in the mix. My articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Animation, Emmy, Los Angeles magazine and many others.

I also teach non-fiction writing at UCLA and am available for editing, newsletter content, news releases and more.

What Editors Say

I have worked with Roberta on two publications and her articles always have been of the highest quality – well reported and crafted, complete and very readable. She has a knack for getting interview subjects – sometimes, very difficult interview subjects – to open up to her, and she is wonderful about coming back with telling anecdotes or observations. On top of being a skilled reporter and writer, she is open to exploring alternate ideas and approaches to stories. I always enjoy our collaborations.

David Greenwald
Editor, UCLA Medicine

Roberta’s experience, persistence and relentless good cheer make her the go-to gal for any journalistic assignment, from breaking news to features. She knows instinctively how to approach any assignment — and she turns it in on time. Whether she is interviewing executives, celebrities or politicians, she asks the right questions and gets the quotes and anecdotes that make her stories a must-read. As an editor, I have worked with Roberta for many years and have consistently valued her unfaltering professionalism and impeccable ethical standards.

Gail Polevoi
Editor, Emmy Magazine